TP-Link Distributor in Saudi Arabia TP-Link Distributor in Saudi Arabia
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TP-Link Distributor in Saudi Arabia
Creative Computers offers a wide range of IT network products from its vendors to Saudi Arabia. Vision to become regionally the supplier of choice for Networking, Infrastructure distribution, Enterprise solutions, Control and monitoring systems with reliable engineering and technical services, customer care, and on‐demand logistical support and operation services.

The services that Creative Computers offers to its resellers are all part of the “Value Added” aspects of its distribution model – meaning these are not billable services but layers of support that  Creative Computers provides to distinguish itself from its competitors in an extremely price sensitive distribution environment.

The services provided to its resellers include the following:

  • On-line product and pricing information: Creative Computers maintains website for its resellers . The goal being to provide product and pricing information at all times as well as access to any promotions, incentive or special offers.
  • Technical support: Creative Computers provides technical support as well as immediate replacement/swap out with a new product on defective units.  Ultimately the people using the products rely on them for their productivity and cannot tolerate waiting for repair. An immediate replacement policy, supported by its vendors, ensures that the end user ultimately stays satisfied and represents a potential return customer loyal to the brand.  If the problem cannot be solved simply and quickly, the replacement is given.
  • Marketing Programs: Creative Computers offers on-going marketing programs to support the sell-through efforts of its channel.  Innovative programs, direct mail, specialized retail brochures, co-op advertising, exhibition support, team building events are just a sample of the marketing programs supported by Creative Computers for its resellers.
  • Merchandising: Creative Computers has several vendors with strong retail oriented product lines. Retail products require dedicated merchandising. Creative Computers provides a rotation of merchandisers for its larger retail outlet clients so that product visibility and position is strong and uniform throughout their various outlets.

  • Incentives: Creative Computers has identified a key factor in loyalty at the salesman level to be incentive programs. Vendor sponsored incentive programs are linked to sell-in and develop brand/distributor loyalty imperative in this market.
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TP-Link Distributor in Saudi Arabia
TP-Link Distributor in Saudi Arabia